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Wooden Sports Surfaces

Wood is used for many indoor sports surfaces and usually offers a reliability that is second to none. Whilst many modern sports facilities and indoor arenas decide on a PVC type surface which is usually slightly softer and more visually appealing, the performance of wooden sports surfaces is not to be underestimated. This is what makes it so popular for basketball and indoor football among other sports.

Whatever it is made of, an indoor sports floor has to do a number of jobs. The first and by far the most important of these is to protect the athlete from injury whilst at the same time offering a surface that does not put a strain on the athlete. This is what makes wooden surfaces so good. Wood is hard enough to absorb the shocks and strains of fast paced sport and unlike some synthetic surfaces, is not so soft that it will allow the athlete to tire.

A criticism against wood is that it does not always offer the right degree of friction. At times this is a fair point. If there is not enough friction, then the players are likely to lose balance and slip regularly. If there is too much friction then the risk of injury is significantly increased but this is not always the case. If time and research is used to pick a company with experience in the industry and the playing surface is thoroughly tested with the necessary adjustments then a wooden sports surface will provide an excellent solution.