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HVAC, or heating, ventilation and air conditioning, is a vital component of sports venue construction. Whether it is a 75,000 seat stadium, an indoor swimming pool or just a snooker club, HVAC must be taken seriously.

For indoor venues, heating, ventilation and air conditioning should be one of the most important areas of planning. The temperature can influence so much from things such as food preparation to the comfort of the athletes or sportsmen and the spectators. A difference of a few degrees may not sound like much but it is noticeable.

It is costly to change your climate control system after it is installed so plan ahead to avoid unnecessary changes. Ensure the installation is designed and ready to be installed during the early phases of your sports venue construction project so it will be ready for opening day.

Without going into vast technical detail, when considering heating, ventilation and air conditioning, it is important to bear in mind several factors. The first is your temperature preference. Does the venue need to be the same temperature throughout, or is variation within specific areas required? Do you need HVAC for the whole venue or just a small area? Where does HVAC need to be controlled from? Do you want one person/team to be in charge or have different people responsible for different areas? Other things to consider include the speed and flexibility with which changes in temperature can be made, and whether you require a manual or remote electronic system to administer HVAC.

HVAC is vitally important and costly to introduce. Be sure you know exactly what you require from heating, ventilation and air conditioning for your unique sports facility.