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Access control, turnstiles, gates, road blockers, barriers and fencing.

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Sport Venue Security

In terms of sporting venues and arenas, security generally means access control, gates, road blockers, turnstiles, fencing and barriers. In short, these are areas in which security is required to either search spectators or to monitor them as they make their way into the stadium.

For smaller venues, especially sports fields where amateur and youth teams would generally play, there is not too much you can do, except ensuring there is a barrier between the playing surface and spectators.

For larger sporting venues security is big business and one that must be considered carefully in the designing and construction phases of development. Sports venues, particularly the biggest stadiums with regular large attendances, are likely to be among the biggest targets for terrorist plots. Even though the risk is relatively small, this must be taken deadly seriously. This is particularly true for indoor venues, which can house the latest in modern technology such as the scanners used at major airports. An example of the importance of this was at last year’s ATP World Finals, held at the 02 Arena. Everybody was scanned on the way in, making it virtually impossible to transport a small bomb into the arena.

Modern sporting stadiums typically do not use such advanced security technology but there are three key points that can be observed. The first is strict security searches at the turnstiles of all heavy coats and all bags. The second is extensive use of CCTV cameras. The third is to employ a sufficient number of experienced security personnel and ensure they are effectively positioned around the ground.