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Boarding Systems

Whilst boarding systems vary greatly for every different sporting venue, a boarding system can be loosely defined as the border of the pitch or playing surface. The boarding system might also include the playing surface itself but this is not necessarily the case. It is perfectly possible to get one contractor or company for the boarding system and the playing area. Alternatively, if there are specific standards or demands for the playing area, separate contractors may be advisable.

The boarding system usually serves several purposes and is therefore a vital component of designing and constructing any sport facility. The main purpose is that it separates spectators from the playing area and therefore provides players and officials with some distance from spectators. The boarding system can also act as a barrier to keep a ball close to the playing area.

In bigger stadiums and leisure facilities, the boarding system can be used for advertising and can be a valuable source of income. Indeed in some of the top sporting venues and stadiums electronic advertising is used. Boarding systems can also be used to relay important health and safety information.

Whilst boarding systems can be anything from a series of cones to a length of netting or fencing, as the name suggests, they consist primarily of a series of boards. The boarding is usually placed round the full perimeter of the playing area, without leaving any gaps, in a rectangular shape. In smaller venues without security, the boarding is usually backed-up with netting or other materials.

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