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Facilities Management Companies

Facilities management companies help you to run the non-core aspects of your sports venue by providing a range of soft services, technical services or administration services. These services pertain to the daily running of your sports venue after it is opened but it would be advantageous to contact a facilities management company during the construction phase of your sports facility. They may be able to provide consultancy services during construction but more importantly, you can ensure that all support services are in place so everything runs smoothly after the opening.

Soft services such as catering, cleaning, vending machines, security and reception are essential components to your sports venue. Your sports venue staff will often cover the most of the soft services but when you need to outsource, facilities management companies will provide a complete solution with one point of contact. Enlisting their skills is certainly the most efficient way of ensuring business continuity and quality of service.

Technical services include building access control, building management systems, CCTV monitoring, energy management, environment management, IT and communications, space management and pest control. Your facilities management company will be responsible for keeping these aspects of your venue operational. Their work would typically include routine checks, consultancy services for systems analysis or upgrades and possibly an emergency contact.

Administration services include staff training, health and safety management, secretarial services, procurement, property legislation and quality controls. These administration services vary greatly from one company to another but most will provide these core aspects.

Consultancy services offered by facilities management companies are clearly beneficial for improving the efficiency of your sports venue operations. The advantages of outsourcing soft services to facilities management companies is perhaps less obvious. If your sports venue has a core body of staff members who can manage the daily running of your business, it would be an efficient and cost saving exercise to contract a facilities management company to cater for large events that require lots of additional skilled staff on a temporary basis. The key advantage is that facilities management companies will try to provide you with a full turnkey solution for the daily running of your sports venue at all times.

Facilities management companies