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SVC (Sports Venue Construction) puts you in touch with suppliers, contractors and professionals in the industry. SVC also informs you of the latest news and events to keep you updated with all major aspects of sports venue construction.


Find a Sports Construction Company

Products - SVC provides you with a directory of sports construction suppliers organised by the type of product they sell. If you know what you want to buy then our products directory will help you find a specialist supplier. Lots of products are available such as arena seating, scoreboards, sports surfaces, air conditioning, floodlights, public address systems, signage, boarding systems, security, fire safefy and ticketing systems.

Contractors -  This section of our directory organises companies by the contractural services they provide. If you know what particular service you require then our contractor directory will help you find a specialist contractor for your building project. Companies listed here provide services for air conditioning, catering, demolition, ground work, landscaping, scaffolding, steelwork, mechanical and electrical, storage, transport and haulage. General building contractors and facilities managers are also available here.

Professionals -  Companies providing project management, design or consultancy and other professional services can be found here. Choose from architectural services and civil engineers to building assessors and loss adjusters. Finding good professional services for your sports venue construction project should be the first point of action at the start of any new build.