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Zwitch Boarding Systems

Temporary and permanent boarding systems for sports and events.

Arena Group

Specialists in arena seating, temporary structures and storage.

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Verel Standbouw

International exhibition stand designers and builders. NL


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Temporary Structures

Temporary structures are excellent for hosting events and providing hospitality before or after a sports match. Small venues may utilise temporary structures quite regularly if they do not have the budget for permanent structures or if they need extra facilities on site for a particular event. It is therefore financially prudent to hire what temporary structures they need on a match by match basis.

There are also many indoor venues that host games in conjunction with concerts and other events that can make great use of temporary structures. The most common and popular types of temporary structures used at sports venues are tents, marquees and portable cabins. These areas are used either for entertaining, meeting points, parties or storage. Temporary seating and temporary floodlights are also used at many sports facilities.

Temporary structures can be purchased or hired; your choice should depend on the frequency of use. Purchasing a temporary structure will reduce the long term cost but you will need to have enough storage space when not in use. Renting a temporary structure is much more convenient but there is an added cost for transporting it to your venue.