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Supply and installation of washrooms and toilet cubicles.

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Toilets and Washrooms

Toilets and washrooms must be large enough to accommodate your expected number of patrons. Admittedly they can take up a lot of space and for this reason many sports venues have inadequate toilets, although it is better to have too many than too few.

The layout of large toilets should be designed to allow for as many cubicles as possible. Washbasins are of secondary importance because you only need one washbasin for every five toilet cubicles.

Poor quality toilet facilities can result in spectators not enjoying the sporting event and it can adversely affect revenue from food and drink sales during intermissions. Unfortunately, people are less likely to buy food and drink if they are concerned about poor toilets facilities.

The condition and hygiene of the toilets need constant attention from staff. Use of automatic flushing toilets and laser activated taps are not required but will certainly reduce the need for cleaning. Toilets can be further improved with luxury fixtures and fittings, particularly in terms of tiling and decoration. Extra care and attention to your toilets and washrooms will enhance the visitor experience and help to keep patrons returning to your venue time and again.