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Doors and Gates

Whilst doors and gates might seem like a relatively minor matter when designing and constructing a sports facility, there is much that needs to be considered. These considerations focus on the needs of comfort, security and safety.

Safety is the biggest priority and you will need to consult a fire safety expert to determine where fire doors should be located. In a worst case scenario, doors need to be opened quickly and easily to let members of the public out and away from the stadium. Therefore large automatic doors are recommended where possible. Doors made of solid materials that can withstand heavy pressure are a necessity. If possible the doors should not be so heavy that they take a great effort to open, but heavy enough that they do not close of their own accord. It is very important that doors are thoroughly tested before any sporting events are held. Evacuations should also be rehearsed to ensure the doors fulfill all safety requirements.

Gates are an integral part of many sporting arenas in and around the grounds. Gates can be used to keep supporters segregated after matches as well as controlling traffic in and out of sports facilities. The same considerations about doors apply to gates, except on a bigger scale. Modern gates are often electronically opened and easy to operate.