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Construction Materials

Much like construction equipment, construction materials are a vital part of the sports venue construction industry. Due care and attention is needed right from the start. Whilst in theory this should be a relatively straightforward matter, should a project get this wrong, it is an expensive and long way back.

A wide variety of materials may be used ranging from the more modern and expensive synthetic materials to the many natural, everyday materials such as sand, wood and clay that are regularly used in construction.

Whilst the size and scale of sporting venues differs greatly, as a general rule there are a couple of things that need to be remembered when comparing construction materials with those used in other construction projects. The size of the budget and the design of the stadium may well influence the materials used. The standard materials will generally still be used but if there are specialist designs to try and add style to a venue, then more expensive and specialist materials will be used.

Indeed recent new stadiums built, including the new Wembley Stadium and Emirates Stadium in London, are two good examples of this. Generally they have used standard materials you would see used for any large building, but for some of the more stylish parts – for example bits of the roof – more synthetic materials were used.

For larger stadiums, the key is to use materials that will not only last for several decades, but those materials that can withstand the pressure of regular large attendances.