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Ticketing Systems

Ticketing systems where sports venues are concerned can be split into two distinct parts. They are buying tickets, and surrendering tickets when entering the stadium.

In terms of entering the stadium, major considerations include the turnstiles and how ticket holders enter. Are paper tickets to be used, and what about members and season ticket cards? Do you want staff to be in total control of the tickets, or do you prefer automatic scanners? These are questions to bear in mind.

The location of the box office at the stadium is important. A policy needs to be made in terms of selling tickets on the day of the game. Determine if tickets are available to everyone on general allocation or if there is a ballet. Define where they can be purchased and how long before the match will tickets be available.

The ease and flexibility of buying tickets is essential for your event. Most sporting venues offer the option of buying tickets by calling in at the box office, over the telephone or by post. Many clubs and sports venues also sell tickets on the internet, either from their official website or from a website specialising in tickets such as Seatwave and Ticketmaster.

A new trend adopted by many of the biggest football clubs in the UK is to combine their ticketing systems with merchandise. This allows supporters to buy both their tickets and merchandise in the same transaction either at the club or on the internet.