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Nautronic designs and develops scoreboards for all major sports.

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Every arena, stadium and sports facility should have a scoreboard which looks good and is easy to operate. Whilst a small sports field rarely has the money or the location for electronic scoreboards, they are essential for bigger venues.

Nowadays most scoreboards are electronic although there is still a market for manually operated scoreboards as proven by the outside courts at Wimbledon and the thousands of scoreboards at local and smaller cricket clubs. For smaller venues without vast crowds, this is certainly a better situation than not having any scoreboard at all. For local level sport, except for football which generally produces lower scoring matches, it is important to install some form of scoreboard. For cricket and rugby it is a necessity as these sports produce high scoring games with quickly changing scores.

For top sports facilities and stadiums, assuming the decision is taken to opt for electronic scoreboards, certain things need to be taken into consideration. The most obvious and important is the number of scoreboards. Sometimes one scoreboard in the best location can be seen by everyone. At other times two or three may be needed.

The choice of scoreboard is then down to personal preference in terms of the size of scoreboard, the size of the numbers and letters on it and the style of writing. What one person thinks is stylish, another thinks is unattractive. Generally speaking, simple is best.

A lot depends on what type of sport events are hosted by a sports venue and how many matches will be played over the year. Most sports have scoreboards tailor-made to that sport; especially cricket, basketball and football scoreboards.