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Signage is an essential yet underrated component of sports venue construction. It is often overlooked when designing and constructing sport venues and stadiums mainly because signage is generally inexpensive and is one of the last things to be done before opening the stadium.

Yet for the biggest sports facilities and arenas, signage is very important. It is something that when done well can add a great deal to a stadium from a visual perspective, as well as being appreciated by spectators.

Plan your use of signage effectively to create premium advertising space. Even small sports venues can generate excellent revenue by selling signage to promote a product brand or company.

Signage to Improve Sports Venue Access

An example of this is the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club in London. It is an enormous stadium and it would be very difficult for first time visitors to find the correct entrance point were it not for the signage outside the ground. The signage is big, colourful and clear with colour coded maps that show people exactly where they are and where they need to get to.

Signage is equally important inside a large stadium or sports facility, especially with spectators at a fixture with large attendances. Yes, stewards and staff are usually on hand to help but with good signage, spectators can help themselves and events can run more smoothly.

Signage should not be ignored at smaller venues. Even with a smaller budget, good signage can be bought or designed fairly cheaply. The only real priority of signage is to inform. Style is a bonus but most people will be content to avoid getting lost and missing the start of the action.