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Jewson offers a vast range of landscaping products.

MJ Giddings Landscape Products

Suppliers of aggregates, bark, mulch, wood chip and top soil.

Royal Grass

Artificial grass for landscaping, public lawns and gardens

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Full service landscape design including artificial turf, walls and lighting. USA


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Landscaping is any activity that modifies or changes the features of an area of land around your sports venue. Any construction project from large stadiums to simply laying out a football pitch in a park will involve landscaping.

The surrounding areas of your sports venue should be inviting. Ensure you utilise trees, foliage and turf in an effective way so as to compliment the building. Any large areas of concrete can be made aesthetically appealing in this way.

Environmental Management

In the case of designing and constructing a sports venue, the effect of your construction on the land must be noted and managed. This applies to any project regardless of whether it is in a built-up city area, park or countryside.

This particularly applies to sports fields or parks where landscaping and planning must be carefully considered to achieve the best outcome for your sports facility. Landscaping is less important than some other factors when constructing a sports venue but it should not be neglected, particularly if the area that is to be turned into a sports field or venue has wildlife or water features. Sports venue landscapers need to know what effect, if any, the construction will have on the environment and in turn, how that will affect the venue.