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Lifts and Stairs

Heavy duty commercial lifts are often required in multi-story venues for moving rubbish, catering equipment, staging and furniture between floors. These lifts can take larger and heavier loads than a passenger lift. The access points for one or more of these lifts should be strategically positioned at your venue to ensure your staff can transport items efficiently, without walking long distances through corridors.

Passenger lifts and stairs are an important consideration to bear in mind when designing and constructing a sport facility. Whilst many venues, such as parks or a single sports field, will not have to worry about lifts and stairs, for the bigger sports venues and stadiums that do, there is plenty to bear in mind.

If you have lifts installed in stadiums or venues, there must also be stairs. This is due to fire safety, as lifts will automatically be turned off in the event of a fire. As lifts can also be volatile and unreliable at the best of times, stairs are a necessity, even in small venues. Traditional stairs are required as opposed to escalators because many people such as the elderly and parents with young children cannot use escalators.

The other important factor with stairs is the ease to move up and down in the event of a quick evacuation from either a fire or bomb threat. Stairs that are not too steep with good sturdy rails to hold on the way down are preferable. Ensure your staircases are sufficiently wide and consider a barrier split down the middle. This is particularly important for large stadiums.

Disabled access - Keep in mind the legal requirements of providing good access for disabled people. This legislation states that every venue must cater for patrons in a wheelchair. This does not necessarily mean a lift between floors but a wheelchair lift or a wheelchair ramp is essential.