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Under Soil Heating Systems

An under soil heating system should be seriously considered whilst designing and constructing a new sports venue or stadium. Sporting fixtures being postponed due to bad weather is certainly not a new problem but with colder winters predicted in the years ahead, under-soil heating is a great weapon to fight the frost.

This is likely to be a consideration for large venues and stadiums only. Any venue that is hoping to hold top flight or important sports fixtures should ensure the stadium is fitted with under soil heating. The installation will be expensive but should prove to be a great long term investment. Not only will far fewer games have to be postponed or abandoned but the playing surface will cope with the hard winter months much better.

Football and rugby are the two sports that would benefit most. To take football as the example, most Premier League clubs have under-soil heating and there are many people in the game who would like under-soil heating to become compulsory for major competitions. With under-soil heating, it is almost guaranteed that any fixture will go ahead.

Under-soil heating involves installing pipes underneath the playing surface and pumping hot water through them. Even in the worst conditions, any snow and ice is melted quickly and the pitch can then drain fairly fast.

Whilst under-soil heating can be installed at any point, this will cause much disruption as the playing surface will have to be dug up. It is much easier to simply install it whilst the sports venue is under construction.