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Fire Safety at Sports Venues

Fire safety is an important consideration when designing and constructing any sport and leisure facility, particularly for larger venues and stadiums. The consequences of failing to address this area do not need to be stated in full. Suffice to say that any loss of life and/or damage to the building could be something that a sports facility never truly recovers from. This is another area that is easier to get right at the construction stage.

Whilst every sports facility is different, fire safety can be broadly split into three areas.

Fire prevention - Every aspect of design and construction should be implemented with fire prevention in mind. This is specifically important for any kitchen areas and sound and lighting areas which will involve large amounts of electricity.

Evacuation - How quickly and easily can large numbers of people be evacuated out of the facility? The venue must  be designed to ensure that any fire can be contained to a small area, thus reducing the number of people at risk. Signage of fire exits and fire safety policy must be evident.

Coping with a fire - Ensure you have the correct extinguishers to deal with several types of fire and place them at fire points throughout the facility. It would also be an excellent idea to have an automatic link to the local fire service when a fire alarm is activated.

Regular fire drills are advised, however inconvenient this may be.