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Communication and PA Systems

Communication and public address systems are one of the most important things to bear in mind when designing or constructing a stadium or sports facility. This is particularly true with larger venues that are expected to play host to big matches and events.

In the worst case scenario of a fire or a bomb threat, a good public address system can be the difference between an orderly and controlled exit for spectators or a mass panic. It could save lives. Whilst such a situation will hopefully never arise, every sports facility needs to prepare for the worst.

Usually a public address system will be used for less urgent announcements such as reading out birthday wishes or to help build a good atmosphere among supporters in a stadium. It can also help with revenue and income as it means promoters can advertise upcoming events or products. Even in smaller stadiums with a few hundred spectators, a good PA system can be a great earner.

A communication and PA system takes a lot of investment and effort to set up in most stadiums. It is highly recommended you choose a specialist contractor with many years of experience within the sports venue construction industry. This is one area where there should be no shortcuts taken. To get a communication system that maximises sound and lighting within a stadium is not possible on the cheap.

Even smaller facilities and park venues must have a communications strategy in place to cope with emergencies.