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Production and distribution of synthetic grass for sports. IT

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Sports grass for football pitches, hockey fields, golf and tennis. UK

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Design, manufacture and construction of sports fields.

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Manufacturer of artificial grass for sports and landscaping. AU

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My View Golf

Golf course construction and design, including driving range facilities. NL

Shaw Sportexe

Artificial turf installation, field inspection, maintenance and product reclamation. USA.

CC Grass

Artificial turf supplier for soccer, football, baseball, field hockey, tennis, golf and landscaping. CH

Mondo S.p.a.

Design and build of sports turf, track and field, seating and flooring solutions. IT


European manufacturer of technical textiles and membranes including artificial turf. UK


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Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is fast becoming a preferred choice of playing surface in the sporting world and can be used to provide a quality alternative to natural grass for a variety of competitive sports, from friendly school and college games to professional football and international hockey events.

Artificial turf is low maintenance, durable, consistent and can be used in any weather. It is also known as astro turf, synthetic turf, 3G pitch and all weather pitch. Artificial turf is available with various different pile heights and infill systems.

Types of Artificial Turf

3G (third generation artificial turf) most closely imitates natural turf and is widely used for football and rugby pitches. This synthetic sports surface incorporates a longer pile with a rubber infill.

Sand filled artificial turf is popular for hockey, five-a-side football and a variety of other sports. Sand filled surfaces for hockey are a short pile height.

Sand dressed is also used for hockey. It combines a shorter pile surface with sand that is packed below a gap of about 4mm of the surface.

Artificial turf is popular for golf (especially artificial putting greens, winter tees and driving range mats), tennis courts, rugby, baseball, five-a-side football and uni-hockey. Quality artificial turf can provide a natural response to ball bounce, angle ball rebound and ball roll. Modern artificial turf is soft, non-abrasive and an e-layer (shock pad underlay) is also available to provide cushioning for the players. The e-layer reduces the risk of impact injury when falling on the surface.