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Sports Field Drainage

Unless you are constructing a several hundred million pound sports venue with a roof and system of covers that protects the pitch at all times, sports field drainage is something that needs to be carefully considered. This is particularly true today as increased periods of heavy rainfall are putting greater pressures on sports fields than ever before. Whilst it is never too late to dig up a playing surface or make changes in ground keeping methods, the best way of preparing for and managing sports field drainage is by getting it right when the sports facility is being constructed.

There are two advantages to doing this. The first is that good sports field drainage will lead to fewer fixtures being postponed, which could lead to major loss of revenue. The second is that by developing a good reputation in this area it will mean that your sports venue is likely to have a better playing surface than most of your competitors, which could lead to prestigious fixtures being held at your venue.

Whilst the type of stadium and budget will go a long way to decide how successful a sports venue performs in this area, there are two factors that ultimately influence performance: quality of turf, and ground keeping techniques.

Generally the better quality of turf you buy or inherit, the better it performs, though you must ensure it is suitable for the sports field. Equally important are the grounds men you hire. The best will cost quite a lot of money, but their experience and knowledge will usually be worth it.