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Stadium Floodlights

Floodlights in one form or another are essential for the majority of major sporting venues and stadiums. Ever since Herbert Chapman introduced lights into the West Stand at Arsenal’s Highbury Stadium in the 1930s, the phenomenon of floodlights has continued to grow across most sports in this country. Such has been the popularity and development of floodlights that these days they are mostly very reliable.

Many of the evening matches for football, rugby, cricket and other sports attract top attendances and the best atmospheres. Therefore for anyone planning and constructing a sports venue, floodlights are a must. Otherwise, sporting fixtures can only be held during daylight hours in spring and summer. Even in the autumn fog, reduced daylight and rain can mean that sporting events would have to be postponed or abandoned without floodlights.

Floodlights vary in terms of size, height and power. There are plenty of options available. Floodlights are easier to maintain than ever. Most larger floodlights now have gantries to ensure easier access for maintenance and changing bulbs. These gantries will accommodate one, and sometimes two, engineers.

Portable Temporary Floodlights

Floodlights do not have to be permanent. Many smaller sporting venues make use of portable temporary floodlights. The popularity of these is growing and ensures smaller clubs and venues can hold evening fixtures without too much hassle. It is worth noting that in the top tiers of most professional sports, including the big three of football, rugby and cricket, permanent floodlights are a necessity. It all depends on what fixtures your venue wants to hold.