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PVC Sports Surface

PVC is a very popular type of sports surface used for indoor sports facilities and stadiums. It has a reputation of being good quality, durable and able to withstand a lot of pressure. PVC is also extremely flexible. It is not a case of there only being one type of PVC surface as there are a number of variations available, which means PVC is a great choice of playing surface for many different sports.

PVC is especially popular for racquet sports. All badminton is played indoors, mostly on some form of PVC surface. The popularity of indoor tennis is growing all the time, particularly as a result of the growing number of health and tennis clubs over the past decade. Most PVC companies specialise in tennis courts and can vary the bounce and speed of the court. Usually these surfaces come in a choice of the colours red, green, sky blue and navy blue.

PVC is not just popular with the traditional racquet sports. Table tennis, indoor football, basketball and volleyball are often played on PVC surfaces. Most modern and newly built gymnasiums also use PVC.

In terms of sports venue construction, when choosing a type of PVC surface, several things must be kept in mind. The speed of the surface, the thickness of the surface and, where relevant, the bounce of the surface are all important considerations, and are dependent on the type of PVC used. PVC is the perfect choice for indoor sports venues.